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AAC - NSW Chapter

Australian Aerobatic Club - NSW Chapter

The Australian Aerobatic Club (AAC) was formed in 1970. The club was formed to foster interest in the sport by providing opportunities to train and compete. For pilots and non-pilots alike the club also provides opportunities to learn and practice the judging techniques of competition aerobatics. The NSW Chapter is an affiliated member of the AAC.

Over the years, with advances in aircraft design, an internationally recognised sport has developed:- Competition Aerobatics. The sport should not be confused with the kind of aerobatics seen at airshows, commonly known as ‘stunt flying’. Competition aerobatics is a very exacting sport which demands high levels of skill, discipline and concentration on flying. A predetermined sequence of manoeuvres is carried out in a small cube of airspace known as the ‘aerobatic box’. Pilots can fly at different levels of competition from Entry Level to Unlimited depending on their level of skill and the performance capabilities of their aircraft.

You will probably gain your initial acrobatic endorsement in a Cessna Aerobat, Airtourer, Robin/Alpha, Citabria or Decathlon. These types are often used in lower competition categories. At higher levels, the Pitts Special, the Sukhoi, Extra, Yak, CAP, Laser, DR-107 and Giles type of aircraft are used because of their greater performance.

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